Multiplayer composite pipes and fittings of different dimensions for sale.
Our prices are the most affordable in the market.
We can handle complete piping or re-piping of a building using multilayer composite pipes.

1216 – ½ inch
1620 – ¾ inch
2025 – 1 inch
2632 – 1¼ inch

These pipes come in a full roll of 100 & 200 meters long by length. Also available are all the fittings for installation.

Multilayer composite pipes consist of an aluminum core with inner and outer plastic layers, tightly bonded with a special adhesive to the aluminum core. However, all the layers are extruded in one step. Multilayer pipes have all the advantages of both metal and plastic pipes, but none of their disadvantages.

Abrasion resistant
Corrosion-free with ability to bend
High pressure
Resistant to high temperatures, corrosion and fire
Very smooth inner surface of PEX lining increases flow rate by 30% compared to metal piping
Easy cutting with any quality shear and can be bent by hand or bending tool
Working temperature of -40°C to +95°C
Life span of more than 50 years under normal conditions
Totally and completely mechanical wiring and fitting. You do not need to cut or join when you reach a corner (as the case in metal and plastic pipes)

Hot and cold water piping for residential, commercial and industrial systems
Pipeline systems for conveying potable water
Air conditioners and solar heating systems
Oxygen distribution in hospitals and clinics
Oil and cooling fluid transportation
High quality engineering designs for agricultural and industrial irrigation
LP gas and solar heating systems

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