Subliners are suitable as part of a system of tiles, cement-based tile adhesive and grout, to install a stable, 100% waterproof/watertight tile substrate in showers, swimming pools, balconies and other wet areas.
This product provides solution to those who don’t know what next to do to their swimming pools after demolishing and rebuilding many times due to water leakages and at the end, no positive result is achieved.
Cry no more, we are here for you. We will not demolish your swimming pool, rather we will use subliner to correct the leakage problem within a very short period of time and give it 100% permanent watertight solution.
A trial will convince you.

Lightweight, easy to handle, cut & install
100% permanent waterproof solution guaranteed
Mold/mildew proof
Thermally insulating
Great for tile bonding using any cement or epoxy based thinset mortar
Dimensionally stable, inert, does not deteriorate
Reduces airborne sound; does not reduce impact sound on floors once fully bonded and tiled
Available for vertical & exterior uses, internally waterproof, insulating
Provides 100% permanent water tight solution in wet areas such as showers, swimming pools, balconies, open roof areas etc
Provides a perfectly flat surface for tiling
Used to prevent rising dam in houses and wet areas
Are you having problems of water leakages in your swimming pools, toilets, bathrooms, balconies, pipes on the wall surfaces and other wet areas?

Are you passionate about unusual, excellent & watertight designs in swimming pools, balconies, bathrooms & toilets, living rooms, backlit wall panels, balconies, privacy screens for toilets etc?

We will give you immediate answer to these questions using Subliners.
Contact us today enquiries and tutorials.
Prices including installations are very much available.
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